Game Review: Fallout 76

Recently, I’ve dedicated 2 afternoons towards Fallout 76 and would love to share my current experience with the game.

I am in no form a pro-gamer or enthusiast, but I am not exactly unfamiliar with fallout.

With that being said, I am more than appreciative of the time invested in the game’s latest approach to offering storyline and online multi play in one.

When you play the game, first you build your character. This includes a process where you will sculpt their features and pick and choose specific colors for eyes, hair, physical body / face and more. You may even apply scars, blemishes and other characteristics to make the character unique.

Afterwards, you will be able to explore the vault up until you follow the vault boy signs and proceed with the tasks to prepare for your big exist.

I love the fact, that the game is base on your actions. You can either go straight into missions, help locals, or you can just go solo and live.

I prefer working hard collecting materials, valuables, guns, ammunition and creating shelter prior to starting missions.

I feel as though you should plan either your character will build skills to rely on for most of the journey until you gain perk cards, keep decent supply and choose to help other players (trade), or you can buy your way into the game (making items accessible earlier on).

At the moment, I am scaling up for the shelters and playing along side my partner (whom which we team up for missions). When I’m not streaming, I gathering and scraping anything with 9 or less value and processing it into the storage for later use.

As I go forward with this game, I will log more of my experiences.

Sun, Aug 27, 2023

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